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Random media

Random media

Plastic random media are used since many years in waste water biological processes. In the last years new technologies and processes have been diffused, requiring material continuous development and improvement.

Amitec has actively participated to this process, taking advantage of a wide experience of applications around the world, developing new materials along with its international partners and supporting field and laboratory tests with private industries, major research institutes and Italian universities.

This continuous development allows today to offer to our customers a wide range of plastic filling media as ideal support of bacterial growth, for many applications: moving beds (MBBR), nitrification and denitrification, anaerobic reactors and tricking filters, aquaculture, etc…

Our plastic filling media Biomaster, meet the needs of any type of system and application. Biomaster products are available in many sizes and configurations, specially designed to satisfy every need. In particular, the majority of our products are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), with excellence production techniques. The high mechanical properties and their resistance to chemicals, rot, fungi and biological agents, as well as UV-stabilization, ensure a long service life to our products.

All materials are made with the purpose of maximizing the specific surface available, maintaining a high void ratio and an open configuration, to optimize the efficiency of oxygen transfer (where required) and to facilitate the separation of the biofilm in excess from the supports, so to avoid the risk of clogging. The range of Amitec Biomaster includes also a special formulation of PVC material, successfully used for many years around the world in their particular applications, such as anaerobic reactors (with biogas production) and trickling filters.

Amitec is available for any additional clarification and for the selection of the most suitable product for your specific needs.