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Mass transfer

Mass transfer

The Enexio structured packings are high-capacity fills for chemical and physical absorption, desorption and for organic scrubbers. In view of their excellent compression strengths, they are also well suited for trickle bed reactors. Due to the special configuration of the fill, a uniform distribution of liquid is maintained under both high and low hydraulic loads.

The structure of the material surface ensures a thorough mixing of the gas and liquid continuously. With the constant renewal of the gas/liquid boundary a high rate of mass transfer is ensured.
This is achieved with a very low pressure loss, particularly compared to random packings.

Benefits of Enexio packings:

  • Extremely low pressure loss
  • Excellent separating efficiency
  • High throughput capacity
  • Gas and liquid distribution maintained effectively through the pack
  • Very high compressive strength (fitting height up to 10m)
  • High chemical resistance
  • Environmentally sound