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As in every aquarium, there is a biological purification stage in land-based aquaculture so that the fishes'excretion products do not accumulate in the pool and thus poison it. Various types of fills are used in this biofilter.

In the main treatment stage structured packings BIOdek® by Enexio Water Treatment and Amitec random media Biomaster provide the surface for bacteria which, through biochemical reactions, convert the poisonous excretion products into harmless substances. The purified water is fed back into the system and, as such, the requirement for fresh water is reduced. Solids are removed in the pre-cleaning and post-treatment of the water. Here the Enexio TUBEdek® tube settlers bring about effective sedimentation.

By choosing the correct process and the most suitable fill an optimum treatment of the water can be achieved. In addition, costs can be saved through the possibility of reducing energy consumption and incorporating smaller filter stages. Amitec offers a broad range of different fills, and technical support and advice is available to help in the selection of these, as Amitec has many years of experience in the treatment of waste water using all forms of biofilm processes.